Usain Bolt Is Getting It In

Usain Bolt is a household name and the fastest man to ever live. He is also a womanizer who had his fun while in Rio. Bolt hooked up with 20 year old Jady Duarte after a night out at the club to help him celebrate his 30th b-day. Parts of her story are truly unbelievable. This man works the track and the ladies over. Below are some quotes from her about their encounter.

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‘He was stood in front of us and suddenly he pulled up his shirt and showed us his six pack,’ Duarte went on. ‘I had never seen anything like it. I just had to reach out and stroke it.‘It felt incredible. The muscles were as hard as stone. But I was paying so much attention to his abs that at first I didn’t even notice it was Usain Bolt.’

EASY BABE – Control yourself!

‘He’s dark, tall, muscly – just my type – but there were so many beautiful girls there I never imagined I would be the one. ‘The bodyguard said Bolt wants you to come over. I didn’t go at first because I was playing hard to get. Most girls would go over there like a shot but I wanted to make him work. ‘When I was waiting in line to pay at the end of the night he sent the bodyguard over again. He said “why are you not following him? This is Usain Bolt”. ‘Finally we were waiting in line for a taxi and he smiled at me and did the famous victory pose so I was in no doubt who he was. ‘That’s was when I decided it was time to give in to him. He pulled me into the taxi and gave me an incredible kiss.’

They both undressed and showered before Bolt played his favorite music on his phone. It also sounds like they screwed on these tiny Olympic Village beds. Not the best for the fastest man ever.

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‘It was mainly just small talk and him telling me how beautiful I was,’ she said. ‘We used Google but I didn’t need a translator to tell me that he wanted sex. It was very passionate and hot – we were devouring one another. He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match – he is just like a regular guy.

‘I was expecting him to be fast but it was actually the slowest sex I’ve ever had. We did it for about 40 minutes then he took a couple of minutes rest before we did it again.

And of course the song he played was “Work It” by Rihanna. A true classic and a great pound sesh jam.

‘I really thought we had something going, she told Daily Mail Online. ‘But now I can see that he picks up women as quickly as he picks up gold medals.’  I never imagined that he had a girlfriend or so many women, ‘He’s a great looking guy, a huge star – but he is shameless. ‘It was a good experience and the sex was good but now I just feel like just another one of his girls.’
Bolt, bolted out of Brazil and skipped the closing ceremonies once these pictures surfaced… That man is fast!
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Poor girl got played by the BOLT. Of course he played her. The guy is going on an Olympic victory tour. He also just won 3 more Golds, is worth an estimated 30 million dollars, and expected to sign a lifetime deal with NIKE. Look at that face above. Sure its hideous but it’s also happy as hell. PS: He also has a longtime girlfriend. How savage a move to just publicly be slaying and snapping pics with this chick… STEAM IS ON!

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