Old Men Need To Lose The Glove And Jersey

Last night as the threat of Tornadoes loomed large, I finished the night nestled in my bed to Sportscenter clips. In that moment I saw something has long plagued the sports world – MEN wearing uniforms and baseball gloves to games must stop!

At a certain point in life it’s no longer socially acceptable to rock your Rawlings baseball glove to a major league game. A guy his 40’s caught a ball. Cool… he had a beer in one hand and a glove on the other. Just think about how ridiculous that is for one second. A grown man wearing a glove to game. As his family backed down the driveway I can imagine he hit the breaks realizing he forgot it. “Oh shit, honey! Be right back” *Moments later he comes jogging out of the garage with his glove. Wife looking on in disgust*

It’s time to sack up – Think about a grown man buying a hot dog, going through security, purchasing a beer, or using the bathroom with that glove. Sure, Jim Harbaugh wears one to games, but that should tell you everything you need to know about this sick move. Jim isn’t right, you guys. He’s a hell of a coach, but if he wears one, you should NOT.

To make matters worse the guy had on a jersey. Now, admittedly, the baseball jersey is not all that bad. Anything that buttons up the front is a bit more formal. However, to any grown men out there rocking a football jersey this season – Grow Up.

I guarantee Sack Lodge would wear a glove to a game. A jersey too.


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