Sager Strong, Kick Game just as powerful!

Craig Sager has been fighting strong with his battle against cancer and has had a smile on his face since day one. Everyone within the NBA, sports broadcasting world, as well as us as viewers have such a deep respect for the hardest working NBA Sideline reporter. He made it to games just after going through treatment. During the 2016 Espy’s he received the Jimmy V. Award for his efforts battling cancer. The dude is such a great guy and the epitome of what it looks like to live passionately in his work.

He’s known for his enthusiasm as well as those exuberant suits. He pulls it off flawlessly because he’s been doing it for so damn long. DJ Khaled of all people Teamed up with Air Jordan to put together a shoe that honors Craig Sager and his eye for fashion.

You have to give everyone involved a pat on the back for honoring a legend with something so unique and custom to what Craig Sager stands for today. Sager Strong, Sager Vision. Never Give Up!

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