Toledo Yacht Club Has Ghosts

Apparently the Toledo yacht club is fucking beautiful, and apparently its haunted as hell. Personally I don’t believe in ghosts and paranormal activity. When you die, you die. It’s no different than losing your last life in Mario. Except you can’t come back. Sucks.

In saying that, I came across a Ghost Hunters episode and what do you know, they were at the Toledo Yacht club to investigate years worth of suspicious behavior. Specifically the presence of a boy who died over a century ago. The clip below isn’t the best but that’s probably because they didn’t find a damn thing.

It did scare me enough that I never went outside to turn off my pool though. Damn thing ran all night because the show had me terrified enough that I wasn’t about to go out there alone. I’m a pussy, I know. Did I mention I don’t believe in ghosts?


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