Football Gambling Locked Picks

That time of year when I lose a clean $100 a weekend. So awesome, isn’t it? With that below are some spreads and my losing picks. If you wish to win, do the opposite.

First – I never bet the over/under. Pretty sure I am 0-20 in that department. After the 20th loss I responsibly quit placing money on those lines.

Clemson at Auburn +7.5 –

Take Auburn in this bad boy. First games of the year and Clemson has been stroked all off season. Plus it’s a night game in SEC country. It will take some time to get things rolling and I assume the game will stay relatively close as a result.

LSU -9.5 vs. Wisconsin – 

Take LSU here. Wisconsin is always over hyped and boring as shit on offense. I would bet they score roughly 14 points. Meanwhile, Fournette is as healthy as he will be all season. I expect him to run wild in this one for a 14+ point win.

Ole Miss +4.5 vs. FSU –

Take FSU here. They are under the radar a bit and absolutely loaded with talent. On top of that, Ole Miss is followed by a cloud of NCAA sanctions. I also think the freshman FSU Qb will be surprisingly good. It’s early so there’s little to no tape on his game yet. That will catch Ole Miss off-guard.

Alabama -10 vs. USC –

Take Bama. They will simply roll right over USC in this game. I’m still not sure why USC hired Helton and the stability of the Bama program will be enough to steadily control this game. Yes, USC has the athletes but it will take them some weeks to get it going. Bama is already re-loaded.

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