Netflix’s XOXO

Like my colleagues, Sunday–and Monday night–was movie-centric. A couple I really enjoyed, a few were meh. One that caught my eye was brand new from Netflix called XOXO. Based on the brief description, it seemed incredibly interesting as it centered around an up-and-coming DJ and the rising EDM culture.

DJ, Ethan Shaw, is one of 6 main characters all looking to get to this EDM Festival called XOXO. Every one of the 6 faces challenge upon challenge on just getting to the show. Ethan Shaw got added last minute after hixoxo_0.jpgs homemade single shook the YouTube airwaves. Chris D’Elia is an EDM purist who can’t stand the new scene but still provides a shitty party bus to and from. Sarah Hyland, who’s just a beaut, is convinced the love of her life is going to be at XOXO. This random couple is faced with a pending breakup as the girlfriend is moving away the next day. Then Shaw’s manager is trying to break away from his father’s life as a small restaurant owner and create a DJ career for his best bud. It’s a clusterfuck.

Let me tell ya something, shit was corny as hell. Stink and I thought We Are Your Friends was pretty corny, but this made Zac Efron look almost Oscar-worthy (HA! not really). I can’t sit here and say I hated it because I was relatively engaged throughout the movie, but several parts these filmmakers included were just beyond comprehension. I know drug use is plentiful at these events, but it was taken way way way way too far. The storylines for the 6 main people were way over the top as well. There was just too much going on and too much cheese with both–and we love cheese here….Soundtrack was pretty dope though, so there’s that. Main single is below.

4/10 Knuckles.



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