Yesterday was clearly one for recovery after the booze riddled wedding weekend. We all looked at one another in disbelief that the weekend was already over. We rarely left the basement and watched a shit ton of movies while napping intermittently through out the day. There was one point yesterday where there wasn’t anything worth watching and Ted’s girlfriend introduced to a show called “Snapped”.

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It’s an old ass show that shows women who lose their shit and kill their husbands or boyfriends after things don’t go their way. It’s not meant to be a funny show but we couldn’t stop laughing our asses off hearing the color commentary from friends, family, prosecutors, cops, and the killers themselves on what went down with these murders. This show is featured on the Oxygen network.

cricket.jpgWe caught the episode about Jane Andrews killing her boyfriend at the time, Tom Cressman. They had dated for about 2 years and after a trip to Italy where she thought they’d be getting engaged, Ol’ Tom let her know that he had no intention of marrying her. So she grabbed at cricket bat and a nice sized knife. Hit him in between the eyes with the bat and then stabbed him in the heart with the knife.

After being tried in court she started a new story every time she was put on the stand. Nothing made sense. I know this accusation is not funny in the least bit but she had claimed that “Tommy” had anally raped her. She apparently went to the hospital but did not go to the police for this at the time but then also had gone shopping shortly after that and had purchased a thong. The prosecutor said at the time of trial “I questioned the purchase of the undergarment right away, peculiar lingerie purchase after being anally raped” This particular episode and crime happened in Great Britain for some reason the episode was even funnier just due to their accents.

Here’s the questioning here…

If you get a chance to check this show out, sit down and watch an episode, but be careful it can be addicting…

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