Deadline Day!

Well its tomorrow, but nevertheless, exciting time across the pond in the world of soccer. Salary cap-less European football allows for mass transactions over the summer and during the month of January. Basically, players are bought by teams from teams rather than traded or signed. This basically results in madness. Like the major American sports’ trade deadline, these deals cagfx_zp9i445wfos01dgz0jeqnmqyf.pngn only happen in a certain date range. June 1st marks the opening of the summer transfer window with it closing on August 31st. A winter window is exclusive to the month of January.

Big clubs and big names always dominate the headlines when it comes to transfers. Manchester United look to return to dominance as they brought in Paul Pogba and Zlatan. Italian giants, Juventus, have made several moves basically ensuring their reign over the Serie A for years to come. Surprisingly, my club Real Madrid have not made any blockbuster moves–though brought back Alvaro Morata to add to the already blistering attack. Just wish they could sure up that midfield with some depth!

Anyway, no doubt their will be some awesome transactions between now and midnight BST tomorrow. Again, because of the lack of salary cap, it is basically a free-for-all on who wants who and who’s going to spend the most money. This is why teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Man United constantly win their leagues and European trophies. I love it, but it doesn’t really breed competition…whatever.

Hala Madrid!


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