Do you guys follow Krispyshorts? You need to!

This dude has to be one of the funniest guys on social media these days. He puts out short videos on Instagram and also takes to Snapchat to record daily hi-jinx. He and his Buddy “Fuck Jerry” and their crew of friends live in New York and essentially just clown around for others to laugh at. Here’s a clip of one of his shorts that reminds me of J-Hoe at times…

He’s phenomenal at pairing popular music to jokes or story lines and he uses a large doses of Justin Bieber in these and they are solid… Such as my favorite song at the moment “Let me love you” by DJ Snake featuring the Biebs…

This dude is not only funny but must have strong game with the ladies because look at his French girlfriend, Romane or @romanerecalde, who can be seen by many in his videos.

She’s incredible…If I were you I’d take a look and follow of her account too. She’s so fire!

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Playing in fields. @krispyshorts #simo wedding 💕

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Happy women's Day Ladies !! 🌹🌹🌹

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