Hope Solo Is Scary – But USA Soccer Is Hypocritical

Hope Solo recently had her U.S. National team contract terminated after her disparaging remarks about Sweden. Below is a video of her outburst upon hearing that she was terminated. She does not seem thrilled.

I have come to realize that Hope Solo is a unique chick with a short fuse. In 2014 she beat up her nephew and called him a pussy at a cookout. She’s one of the most outspoken female soccer players having numerous outbursts over the years. Not exactly this sort of cookout I guess:


What I also find ironic is how she was terminated for making harmless remarks during a post game press conference, but not for beating the shit out of her nephew. Calling the opponent a “Bunch of Cowards” isn’t exactly grounds for termination in my book. It’s also not on the same level as striking a nephew and sister while also threatening them continuously. If an NFL pulled that stunt they would be gone (Ray Rice).

However, Solo was of value to the women’s team at the time so those dished out ass kicking’s were ignored. And to fire her over the Sweden comments is nothing more than a move to rid her of the program. She is getting old and quite frankly, pretty disastrous in goal.

It’s just funny when organizations do the “right thing” as long as it doesn’t impact winning or performance.

PS: You think that butt of hers has been bleached yet?

PSS: Come on 14 year old. You can stand your ground better than that.


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