I Dance My Ass Off At Weddings

Weddings are my thing. And though I’m a terrible dancer and an even worse singer I still do my best to blow the roof off the place. Back in college a dumb tradition started in which I would jump on the beer pong table and dance/rap the Lil Wayne verse from the song “Down” – Throughout the course of my time at BGSU this actually turned into a bit of a show and a thing. People knew it was coming and boy did I eat up my 15 seconds of college fame. Long story short that act has followed me to this day, where I perform the routine at weddings and events among old college buddies. Below is a clip of the madness from Saturday. I must say that it’s a real thrill to be up there as the cameras roll and the lights flash.


This last pick has three of Cheeseknuckles very own.

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