Air Jordan 1: To buy or not to buy? That is the question…

Saturday is a big release of the retro Air Jordan 1 “Banned” colorway. This is THE ORIGINAL when it comes to the Air Jordan Brand shoes. There’s a lot of memorable pairs of his shoes. Do you guys remember me buying my Jordan XI’s in the Slight Shoe Obsession post? Those are the cream of the crop when it comes to Air Jordan’s but the Jordan 1 Banned has me craving a more classic vibe. It’s a clean and crispy look and I could use a little more diversity with my kick game. J-Hoe and I just mentioned the other day we need to step it up soon with Fall quickly approaching. I’m thinking these bad boys are a “must have” addition to my collection.

Air Jordan
There’s a story behind this specific pair that not all people know. These are known as the “Banned” Air Jordan 1, as the NBA prohibited Michael from wearing these. A letter was sent to Nike, INC. at the time stating “In accordance with our conversations, this will confirm and verify that the National Basketball Association rules and procedures prohibited the wearing of certain red and black NIKE basketball shoes worn by Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan on or before October 18, 1984” Which to me just makes this more enticing of a purchase.

AJIAJI2Air Jordan 1

You’ve had to have seen these before and these are probably these most inexpensive Retro offering from the Jordan Brand in a long time at $160. Ted will most likely rip me about this purchase but I think I have to do it…

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