Alabama Football Has A Running Back Clone Machine

It’s starting to get ridiculous. Every year Alabama football trots out some monster running back that looks like a Greek god. It’s got me thinking that Saban has some clone machine somewhere on campus. Over the years they had Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Derrick Henry, and now they look to have another monster in Bo Scarbrough. This is becoming a bit unfair for the rest of college football and I think the NCAA needs to investigate.

Just look at the similarities of these guys over the years. Also, the only guy without the pony tail out the back was Ingram. They pretty much all rock that as well.

Mark Ingram:

Trent Richardson:

Derrick Henry:

Bo Scarbrough:

Saban has bitched about these small uptempo teams being dangerous and unsafe for the “student athletes.” Well, I’ll tell you whats unsafe. Using these battering rams to run straight down hill at defenses. Good Lord. What are they eating down there?



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