My Take On The FSU Player Eating Pizza

First – This story is very uplifting and something I would love to see more of. FSU wide receiver Travis Rudolph was visiting a local school when he decided to grab a bite to eat with an autistic boy eating lunch alone. This gesture really pulls at my heartstrings and nothing bothers me more than kids being treated unfairly…Keep Reading.


However, in saying that, I keep waiting for something bad to happen with this story. Sort of like the Manti Teo internet girlfriend. You can’t trust anything you see or read these days. What if Travis was merely looking for a seat and found one at this empty table? That would make total sense. The place looks packed. Or maybe Travis didn’t want to be annoyed by thousands of noisy ass kids so an empty table was the most relaxing option… so he sat.

Next thing you know what started off as a regular lunch has turned him into a god damn hero.  I can see it now. Travis headed home later that day with a belly full of pizza, totally unaware of his kind gesture and next thing you know his phone is blowing up by people praising his unintended caring act. Confused but loving the praise, Travis goes along with it… A hero is born.

It could happen…

In all seriousness I’m only being sarcastic. Good move and a hell of a gesture. I’m a fan of Travis despite playing for FSU.


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