Naked Man Photo Bombs Senior Pics

Just a man, his dog, and his dick hanging out for Senior pictures. Ah, he looks so damn relaxed on that peaceful stream as the cool water runs by his legs. Cock just blowing in the wind.

OOPS, my bad! There is some girl trying to snap a lifetime of pics to celebrate her high school years. My bad! Me and my dog Tucker were just enjoy the fruits of nature while he chased this here stick.


Jillian Henry,17, said when she and her friend, Elena Nesbit, realized they had company, “we both just started laughing. We weren’t the only people there and I feel like he had to have seen us in the water with a camera, but he didn’t leave or anything,” she said. Undeterred, the two snapped a few more photos before they decided to leave.
This guy knew exactly what he was doing. Judging by the side shot. Jillian looks cute and this sicko was trying to show off his hanger for her. Even the dog is acknowledging her presence. What a world! Just parading around the woods butt as naked.

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