This is my Nightmare…

Seriously, what the fuck. We are freaking out over Colin Kaepernick because he’d rather stand up for people than the flag but this shit is going on untouched?! This?!

IN case you don’t know what I’m talking about, apparently there are people dressed up as clowns in a South Carolina neighborhood trying to lure children into the woods. Read that sentence again. Clowns in the fucking woods trying to lure children. Yeah, Kaepernick is the problem….you buffoons!

This story has gained traction over the last couple days as several children have alerted their parents of these sick fucks walking in the wooded area behind their apartment, carrying cash to tempt these kiddos. Is this really happening? I’ve mentioned my irrational fear of clowns already and this just sends chills down my spine.

So far, no one has been arrested or seen by police patrols wearing a clown get-up. If I lived there, I would gladly use my 2nd amendment and patrol myself. I’d also bring a Louisville slugger and my trusty approach wedge with me on this patrol. The clowns will rue the day they tried to fuck with G-Spot.


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