This is my Nightmare…

Seriously, what the fuck. We are freaking out over Colin Kaepernick because he'd rather stand up for people than the flag but this shit is going on untouched?! This?! IN case you don't know what I'm talking about, apparently there are people dressed up as clowns in a South Carolina neighborhood trying to lure children into... Continue Reading →

Vladimir Putin Arrested!

We got him... No no, not the Vladimir Putin you were thinking of. Just some random guy out of West Palm Beach who was trespassing at a local Publix. This poor guy though, having that name. Every move you make, every time you have to give your name. Clearly, he just gave up a civil... Continue Reading →

Joe Mauer Bought A $6.2 Millon Mansion With Cash

Minnesota Twins star bought a 6.2 million dollar lake home with "Straight cash Homie." The 6,700-square-foot lake house has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a four-car garage. There's also 3 acres, and there’s an additional 1,700-square-foot, three-bedroom guesthouse out back. And apparently Lake Minnetonka has some bad ass parties. Joe can beer bong a few between games.

Hope Solo Is Scary – But USA Soccer Is Hypocritical

Hope Solo recently had her U.S. National team contract terminated after her disparaging remarks about Sweden. Below is a video of her outburst upon hearing that she was terminated. She does not seem thrilled. I have come to realize that Hope Solo is a unique chick with a short fuse. In 2014 she beat up her... Continue Reading →

Deadline Day!

Well its tomorrow, but nevertheless, exciting time across the pond in the world of soccer. Salary cap-less European football allows for mass transactions over the summer and during the month of January. Basically, players are bought by teams from teams rather than traded or signed. This basically results in madness. Like the major American sports'... Continue Reading →

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