Man Spends 5 Months In Jail as He’s Totally Unaware Of The 2$ Bail

41-year-old Queens man remained in a cell from November 2014 to April 2015. Aitabdel Salem was initially jailed on $25,000 bail after allegedly attacking a police officer who arrested him for shoplifting from a Manhattan Zara store.  The judge also ordered $1 bail for two other, minor charges — tampering and mischief.

When prosecutors initially failed to get an indictment on the assault charge just days after his arrest, Salem should have been able to walk free for less than the cost of a subway ride.

Holy Shit does that suck or what!? Sitting in a cell and nothing more than a dollar menu item at McDonald’s is holding you back from freedom. This dude needs to hunt down his lawyers and beat the piss out of them immediately. (Leading to him going back to jail – God I’m an idiot) Their job was to keep him out of jail and instead they essentially failed to let him know he was free for a small fee. Talk about a tough break. This sort of feels like my middle school years when you had to ask permission to use the toilet. It wasn’t until High School when everyone realized how ridiculous asking permission to shit or piss was. All through Middle School teachers used that fake leverage against poor kids.

The saddest part of this story – Poor Salem missed a court hearing date and is currently back in jail…

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