More Alcohol!…by Volume

Yesterday, Ohio’s limit on ABV with beer was officially lifted. Earlier this year, our genius Governor signed a bill that would eliminate the 12% alcohol by volume limit on beer we Ohioans can purchase. According to several Ohio breweries, we can begin to see beers hit the market with an ABV as high as 30%. This will allow the breweries to become more creative when creating new brews.h-BEST-CRAFT-BEERS-628x314.jpg

Now I’m not a craft beer guy myself, but I know the market is huge and continues to grow. Plus, we Ohioans love to enjoy the benefits excessive alcohol can provide. So instead of 10-12 beers, we can drink 2-3 and be equally as shitfaced. And, honestly, we are probably going to pay the same amount. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to try one of these high ABV beers when they are available. The more the merrier!….I always say….



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