Saturday Draft Pilsners!

As we all know, this Saturday is the first official weekend for College Football to kick off and the excitement has obviously been building. I for one cannot wait. I swear the sun shines just a little brighter on Saturdays and the crisp air flows through J-Hoe’s hair like the majestic mane of a stallion as we toss the football around. We tend to head over to J-Hoe and Ted’s Parents for the games throwing back copious amounts of busch light and bud light pilsners…

I’m here to make a case for sitting our asses on a bar stool and throwing back some ice cold DRAFT pilsners because to me, nothing sounds better than a crowd of people and those tall glasses of draft beer. To me tall drafts reign supreme in the beer kingdom and flow so god damn easy. That bartender rolls around and asks if I’d like another its definitely a rhetorical question…fill ‘er up babe! Hell yeah I’ll have another. Ted and I add a touch of salt to keep the effervescence poppin’ in our glasses. Ooooweeee! My mouth is watering thinking about it.

As long as that glass is filled with golden goodness and there’s football on the screens you’ll see a big shit eating grin on my face with eyes that are probably half open squinting with tears in the corners from the laughs that the boys provide me with. So get your hand on some brewskis this weekend Knuckleheads, throw ’em back boys and girls, have yourself a good ass time!

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