The Boy Next Door: J-Lo is Still Fire!

So yesterday at the nest we decided to throw this flick on and it was intriguing from the get go. I had seen the trailer a long time ago which  peaked my interest as I enjoy the stories of stupid teachers that hook up with or fall in love with their students. Ah, forbidden love… This is a different type of forbidden.

I’m not going to give you any spoilers but this movie is literally an Hour and a half. It’s a must see, at times this kid is so corny but crazy out of his mind the next second. It will keep you entranced the entire time. J-Lo looks fucking incredible for a 47 year old mom. That body just does not quit!

You think this movie is a thriller and you don’t know whats going to happen next but we basically predicted the whole thing as it happened except for the ending things get a little out of hand and the movie seems like a horror flick. You’ve got to see this shit, Its so off the wall you begin to laugh at scenes. I could have sworn from the trailer that she blew the dude, was real disappointed when that didn’t happen…

I’m just going to throw some pictures for reference about smokin Jennifer Lopez is, can you say MILF?!


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