Zeke Elliot Is Damn Good

Zeke Elliot is about to be a monster in the league. He’s the perfect back. Can rush, block, and catch out of the backfield. On top of that, he can also dish out some shit and pop the pads with the best of them. In the below two clips he unloads the wood on Kam Chancellor who is arguably the hardest hitting safety in the NFL. Elliot had this to say –

“They thought they had to welcome me in because I’m a rookie, so they were giving me all that rookie talk,” Elliott said, “but I had to let them know I belong here.The NFL game is a little different. There’s a lot more talking in it. Normally I don’t talk, but they were being chippy, man, and I’m not soft.”

With that O-line he’s about to go off. His attitude won’t hurt either.

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