Group Betting Is The Best Betting

Gambling on sports is incredible. The rush of winning a game… man, nothing like it. It’s good for the soul.

The only thing better than betting on a game is betting on a game with a group of friends. Like a craps table the joint cheering makes it 100X better. The best moments are having the entire house financially invested in the same outcome. For example – Last year we all made the same bets for the Super Bowl. The initial bet was heads or tails – We Won. The second bet was a play action pass for 10+ yards on the first play – We WON. 30 seconds into the game and excitement was already off the charts. This year I suggest every group gambles. It’s totally worth it.

Quick Ted Story: A few years ago I told my buddies I was going to put $20 on a safety being the first score in the Super Bowl. In the middle of placing my bet the boss called me into his office. When I returned the session had timed out and I never hit submit. Guess what? The first points in the Super Bowl were in fact a safety. I missed out on a $1,300 payday because of my boss. That’s the side of gambling that sucks. Well, that and losing everything.

The play that made me sick. Everyone thought I placed it so they were pumped. Dumb ass here forgot. I laid on my basement floor for the entire first quarter.

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