Racism & Stereotyping In Fantasy Football? YEP!

There’s been a lot of talk about social injustice and last night I witnessed it first hand.  I took part in a fantasy football draft and something struck me. A few rounds into the draft and Danny Woodhead still remained on the board despite being the 37th ranked player overall.

Capture.JPGWhy wasn’t he selected higher? Oh I don’t know… maybe because he’s a five foot nothing WHITE dude! I’ll admit it – I passed on Danny every time as well. There was no way I was selecting a proven back that is phenomenal in a PPR league. No way I was going with a white dude who statistically performs. Absolutely not! Just look at him! He doesn’t fit the image I want!

In the end I left the bar a bit shaken. I thought sports were a safe space and an escape from reality? Sadly, in the end it was more of the same. If you remove the color of his skin and look at the numbers alone, Danny boy is a top 2-3 round selection easily.

When will the fantasy football racism end! #FantasyFootballLivesMatter – Check out the video below if you don’t believe me. I really hope Danny keeps standing for the anthem.




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