Toledo Mud Hens Pitcher Mentioned on ESPN, Arrested at the Bronze Boar

WarwickWarwick Saupold, 26 year-old Aussie Right-Hander for Toledo Mud Hens, recently received a shout out on ESPN following some after-work fun he got into. He was arrested by Toledo’s finest after being in a fight at the Bronze Boar which is arguably one of the most laid back/older crowd bars in the 419. I don’t want to knock the bar for what it is because it serves a certain clientele and I have been found there multiple times but it’s definitely not the most popping spot. Being that Saupold is 26 years old he should have found fosters.jpghimself in a more active crowd bar scene, maybe not though, based on his actions he probably should have stayed in. I’m not sure what started the fight a dude talking shit or the bar being out of Foster’s but clearly something pissed him off.

The tigers suspended his dumb ass for 5 games and apparently may have been called up to join the Tiger’s roster heading into the final 30 games of the regular season as they chase my AL Central 1st place Cleveland Indians. His player profile picture probably looks just like his mugshot. He looks like a serial killer or creep you would find hitting on your girl.

Nevertheless good luck wit your next outing on the mound and in the bar bro…

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