College Football Opening Weekend Beer Party

Opening weekend of college football was a delight, especially with all of the huge match-ups across the country. The best thing about the playoff is it’s ability to provide great early games. Teams can now try to bolster their strength of schedule and still stay alive with a loss. 0-1 is not the end, whereas during the BCS era that might have been the case.

On Saturday the NEST headed to my parents house to watch the games. What transpired was a mess. Six of us mowed through 140+ beers (Estimation based on the cases) as the behavior spiraled out of control. At one point we were race chugging from a giant punch bowl. J-Hoe chugged two beers in 11 seconds but I countered with 2 in 9.2 seconds. Rick Muntz took a casual 4:56 seconds. It was a sight to see…

In the end I was heartbroken on Sunday by the ND loss. It hurt but I think we are OK. Kizer is a stud and the young team showed some athleticism. I still think 10 wins is possible and the youth will only get better throughout the year. Just like myself, the drinking isn’t quite in mid-season form yet. All of us have room for improvement.

Notice Stink almost fall over in this.

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