Brian VanGorder’s Defense Has Allowed 30 Or More Points In 12 Of His 27 Games At Notre Dame. What Is The Deal?



The deal is BVG Notre Dame fans

To put it blunt, this is just unacceptable, especially at a powerhouse program like Notre Dame. The Notre Dame faithful are sick of hearing the same excuse year after year as too why this defense continues to struggle. That excuse being the defensive scheme is just too complex.

The defense is too complex – If this defensive scheme is too complex at Notre Dame VanGorder needs to get out of the college ranks for good. At Notre Dame you have some of the smartest student athletes in the country, if these players can’t pick the scheme up no college player will.

A complex defense can work at the pro level, but it makes no sense at the college level. Consider this, by the time a player fully grasps the defensive scheme that player is gone by way of graduation, or he is on to the NFL.

Advice for BVG – Call up Bob Diaco Ex-Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator. (2010-2013)

I’m not going to get into the X’s and O’s because I don’t want to confuse you (see what I did there) but Bob Diaco always had his players playing with confidence. Why, you ask? Well they knew what the hell their responsibility was.

^Diaco had this defense humming, and honestly it was with less superior athletes than are currently on that side of the ball for ND. These players perfectly cover their responsibilities, and react to the football.

2012 DC Bob Diaco vs 2015 DC Brian VanGorder. Lets Compare Below.

BVG final.png


Tom Loy Irish 247 – “There is so much talent on this Notre Dame defensive roster. A lot of quality coaches would jump at the chance to coach these guys. These players really do like and respect VanGorder. Don’t get it twisted. Do they think the defensive schemes are too complex? Yes, some definitely still do. However, what there is to like about these guys is they go to battle for BVG. I respect that. They do believe that his tutelage will prepare them for the next level. However, at this point, things need to change. You really can’t argue against a fresh start. I can’t see BVG lasting beyond this year. What happened Sunday shouldn’t ever happen. That’s bad. This offense is going to score a lot of points this year and the fact that 30+ a game doesn’t guarantee a win is a problem.”

Coach Orion knows defense!!!!

Your time is running out BVG, I hope you got some tricks up your sleeve, because the clock is ticking. Not to worry BVG, you will always have a career as an 80’s porn star, everyone loves a throwback.


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