Bristol Motor Speedway Game


Talk about a terrible idea for a game. The sight lines for fans will be god awful. I cannot imagine sitting in the “end-zone”  and seeing a damn thing.  I also hope Jameis doesn’t plan on attending because as I said in an earlier article, he won’t see anything. Poor guy will be smashing food blind as hell while waiting on another order of crab legs.

The jumbo tron just hovering over the field is a bit eerie as well. I know we have engineers but the stability of that is questionable. What if a brisk wind comes sweeping through?  That worries me. The last thing we want is the screen collapsing and smashing a few players. In the end this is nothing more than a dumb ploy to push ratings. I miss the days when everyone played on campus. Did you see Texas Sunday night? The place was insane.

Pump em up, Jameis. Pump them up!



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