Don’t Mess With This Trump Supporter

Phillip isn’t messing around. Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t rig this thing up to electrocute someone or simply shoot them from his front window. (That’s what many Trump supporters would do. Especially since he hid a hunting camera in the tree) These thieves actually got off easy. I do find it ironic though – Many Hillary or Bernie supporters preach about tolerance and acceptance for all, yet these thieves feel the need to run on Phillip’s private property and steal a sign simply because it doesn’t aligning with their views. Even if you disagree with the political positions, it’s a bit hypocritical. Place an opposing sign in your yard. Don’t go stealing from Phillip… The dudes just exercising his rights.

Advice: Build a big ass wall, Phillip.

PS: People lose their minds during political season. Just look at South Park’s Randy.


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