Fantasy Football Fumbling

It’s that wonderful time of year where we are continuously consumed by football whether it be college football, pro football, and of course fantasy football. Yes, Fantasy football has really swept across this country and takes watching football to another level. It’s something we look forward to on Sundays. When we asked a buddy of ours a couple years ago who his favorite team in the NFL was, he said his own…He didn’t like the Packers anymore because they duped his boy Brett Favre. In turn, he then decided his favorite team was his fantasy football team. I faced off with him in the championship this past year and lost, I’m guessing that was the peak of prop football entertainment for him. It really chapped my ass losing to this dude and the worst part was I had to watch it with him as he counted up his points.

There’s quite a bit of pressure that goes into watching your favorite teams compete week in and week out hoping for the best possible result and then you throw in your own competitive nature with your own fantasy team or teams. I’ve got a full plate this year of Fantasy Football, I’m overseeing 2 Fantasy Football teams, a college pick ’em, and a pro pick ’em. My head is spinning already and we’ve only gone through one week of college football. It’s almost like a second job and I bet the productivity drops a little this fall and winter due to following the players and teams so closely to maybe a have a chance at a championship title. We sound like nerds bickering back and forth about who has a better line up.

I may not be ready for all of my fantasy picks but boy am I ready for some BDubbs and Cleveland Browns Football on Sunday! Hopefully I don’t have any moments like this…


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