Kim Jung-un Wouldn’t Work At The Nest

Apparently the dictator banned sarcasm throughout North Korea. Say what you will about Kim, but the man runs a tight ship. He blows up people with anti aircraft, feeds them to starving dogs, and rocks a killer haircut while maintaining total control. This latest move however, has crossed the line.


What is life without some jokes, sarcasm, and healthy banter? For Kim it’s great. Any shit joke he says will get a laugh for fear of being killed but for the rest of the country that’s a  pretty bleak existence.

Everyone should be able to poke fun from time to time. And I’m not talking the shitty “Knock. Knock” jokes. I’m talking good hypotheticals and deep rooted laughs.

No – Kim would not make it at the nest. Poor dude wouldn’t know what hit him with the gut wrenching laughs we produce.

His dad was no better.



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