Old Man Robs Bank & Hates Wife

A 70-year-old man charged with robbing a Kansas City, Kan., bank said he did it because he preferred a jail cell over living with his wife. Lawrence John Ripple robbed a bank but instead of fleeing, Ripple took the money and then took a seat in the bank lobby.  When he was questioned later by investigators, Ripple told him that he and his wife had argued and he “no longer wanted to be in that situation,”

That right there is the face of a worn out broken man. A direct example of the wear and tear that years of marriage brings.


You can see bitching, nagging, yelling, and demands written all over his wrinkles. Poor dude probably just finished resurfacing the deck for the tenth time. Normal people would simply divorce, but not Lawrence. Nope.

Searching for some excitement in life he decided to rob a bank (What a thrill that would be) and opted for a single person jail cell over his wife’s home cooking. Shit, talk about a life changing moment and a rush of emotions. He didn’t even rob the bank for the cash. He only did it to get caught. Take a moment and let that sink in. How miserable must he have been? At BINGO later this week his wife can officially brag about her stranglehold over her hubby.

However, I bet you Lawrence is sitting on a cot with the biggest fucking smile on his face right now. Probably reading a book or staring at the wall just as happy as a pig in shit.


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