Poll – Booty Thursday Contest – Cassie Brown Vs. Nicky Gile

From now on we are going to do a “Booty Thursday Contest.” I (J-hoe) am going to select two booty’s I find rather appetizing, and you knuckleheads, you are going to vote on your favorite booty. You see the booty content has fallen at Cheeseknuckles headquarters recently, and we need to pick it up. So now it’s “Booty Thursday”

Here is our first contestant Cassie Brown, this booty as my good buddy Uncle Stink would say “it defies physics.”


Our second contestant Nicky Gile, wooooweeee good stuff Nicky, what an All-American booty we have here knuckleheads.


Note – Any contestant that retweets, and follows Cheeseknuckles twitter will receive a free Cheeseknuckles tshirt.


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