Super Troopers 2!

That’s right Knuckleheads, the guys over at Broken Lizard Productions are back at it filming the sequel to the classic Super Troopers film. I’d say the first film has become a low-key cult classic, everyone’s seen it and when it’s on you can’t turn away from it. From start to finish there’s nothing but laughs to be had. I just hope that they can follow up that first flick with a solid story line and don’t take a big dump on the 2nd attempt at comedic gold. They had to raise the money themselves and have asked the public to donate, well they’ve started filming yesterday.

Here’s a quick rundown, don’t feel obligated to watch the whole thing

But until then if you haven’t seen the movie, do it, immediately! Here’s some clips to keep you till then…

Here’s the Best of Farva:

The Horny German’s while only in the movie a short couple of minutes, they are hilarious…

“Who wants a mustache ride?”

“I do! I do!”

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