Cheeseknuckles Goes Abroad Next Week And Heads To Europe

J-Hoe is headed across the pond next week for his actual job. And guess what? That piece of shit didn’t even invite his own brother. He will be gone for two weeks frolicking around the countryside while I rot at home. Amsterdam and Oktoberfest are the two pillars of his trip. Meanwhile I’m left with Uncle Stink and it makes me fucking sad. J-Hoe won’t be around for ND games and I’m supposed to be the adventurous one in the family…still stuck in Northwest fucking Ohio.

With him being gone please understandThe booty posts will be limited and the content a bit less. J-Hoe loves ass and without him, I’m not sure we can make up the difference. Kid has always had an eye for good booty. Even as a toddler.

My advice for J-Hoe – Get a hand job in Amsterdam. No intercourse but an outer course crank sesh is a must. I can see him now… Bright eyed and bushy tailed peering into the Red Light District windows. Also make sure you eat. Stuff that face with everything you can get your hands on.

Have a great trip asshole.

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