Hot for Teacher night?

I mean I’ve heard of Goth Night, 80’s Night, Gay Night, Country Night…But “Hot for Teacher” night? This seems a bit on the “you’re mentally ill” side of things. A famous affair case that included a Vili Fualaau, 12-year old and 6th grade boy, and his 34-year old teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, mother of 4 who happened to have been found guilty back in 1997 are now again making headlines as these two dip shits are hosting a “Hot for Teacher” night at a Seattle bar. They are both married to one another now as he’s 26, a Father of 2, and works as a DJ.

The Happy Couple and their Daughters… When did they get pregnant? The Girls Look like high school students?!

This is some sort of Joke right? As I may have mentioned before I love hearing about the stories of stupid teachers falling for their students, but 12 years old? This teacher is a sick bitch…she spent 7 years in jail for this child. Also, who do they think is going to show up at this “Hot for Teacher” night? What kind of Crowd they trying to draw? Kids? Pedophiles? I mean c’mon of you guys pull it together…

LA Times

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