ESPN Fantasy App Sucked Just Like Trent Dilfer

Yesterday was the start of the first NFL weekend which also meant the start of Fantasy Football. And shockingly, the ESPN fantasy APP crashed on the most important day of the year. That would be like Santa not showing up on Christmas, a recruiting site crashing on national signing day, or Fireworks not blowing up on the 4th of July. They had all year to get the damn thing right and of course BOOM, it’s not there when it’s needed most.

ESPN has been spiraling out of control for awhile now (My opinion) and this is just another example of blowing it. They have become a gossip and political platform with a touch of sports. However, this latest fantasy issue puts the joke on them.

This Gem from Trent Dilfer is pretty much how the fantasy App operated yesterday.

Trent Dilfer on The Pats – The year they won the Super Bowl

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