Jimmy Butler Fashion Forward

Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls impresses once again but bot for his basketball skills but for his fashion forward attire. Apparently he’s been working with Bonobos, the online men’s fashion retailer. Bonobos is known for their perfect fitting pants as well as their numerous other offerings. The one thing different about Bonobos is that you can only purchase their clothing online. They have Guide shops which you can visit and try on the clothes in the bigger cities or markets, but you can’t physically purchase the goods in the store, but can order them online before you leave the store. They offer free shipping and free returns. Everyone here at Cheeseknuckles Headquarters sports Bonobos clothing as it’s incredibly comfortable. I’ve seen J-Hoe receive numerous blue Bonobos boxes at our front door all the time. Check out Butler’s appearance in this YouTube Video or Ad.

The girl in the Red dress and apron at 30 seconds in the video is none other than Chelsea Debo or Chebo, a Toledo Native model/actress. This is pretty dope if you ask me, I may have to do a little shopping online later…

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