Real Grass Vs. Turf – Ravens Switch

This Sunday the Ravens broadcast caught my eye. After years of having fake field turf I noticed they now have natural grass installed. There are multiple reasons for the switch but it sounds like the main reason was the players preference. “The players really wanted to play on grass and that was a key consideration. The coaches wanted to play on grass,” Cass said. It’s been long said that natural grass is safer for the players and its difficult to argue against those claims. Even Ravens players had this to say.

“It’s a black and white difference,” Webb said, adding that he can feel a difference in his knees when he practices outside on the Ravens’ grass field compared to inside on the artificial turf at the Under Armour Performance Center.

“Turf is harder on your body, harder on your joints, harder on your muscles,” veteran defensive end Chris Canty said. “It’s a higher rate of injury.”

It’s also an estimation that players get more concussions from their head slamming into the hard ground than they do from the actual hit.

“Last week, I hit my head pretty hard on the grass in Cleveland,” Gillmore said. “I actually saw my facemask print in the grass. If I hit my head that hard on turf, it would have been lights out for a couple days.”

A lot of studies have gone back and forth about this topic. Many have even concluded a higher risk of cancer with the fake surfaces.  I think it will be interesting to see what direction teams and even colleges go over the next few years. In my opinion a natural gas hybrid is the best. Just check out what the Green Bay Packers have installed at their place. It’s partially real and partially fake grass combined.

At night they use grow lights to keep the grass healthy and the surface is also heated.


At least they no longer play on what appears to be the Brady Bunch grass. The same shit you see at cheap putt putt courses. That probably felt great to slide across.




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