RG3 Has No Clue How To Slide Or Avoid A Hit

RG3 is out for 3-4 weeks with an injured shoulder. Oh well, it’s not like the shitty Browns would win with him anyway. They are about to go 0-16 and I really mean that. The shame is that I actually thought RG3 looked decent. Besides the fact that he has no clue how to slide or avoid contact. It’s as if he ran at the defender here to initiate contact. He reminds me of that kid during elementary school who constantly gets hurt on the playground. Everyone knew a kid like that. Black eyes, slings, band-aids all the time.

RG3 needs to hire Tebow or Pete Rose to learn how to get down. Both are amazing baseball players. Plus, it would be great to get Pete Rose (Gambling machine) with Tebow (God loving man) together. Just check out Pete.



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