The Sunday Special

We settled right into the Nest yesterday for our first Sunday Special of the NFL season. brownsRick Muntz, Ted, and Uncle Stink ordered up the B-Dubbs and retrieved our cars from the day before when we did a little boozin’ at the bar. The Browns obviously didn’t shock us with that opening weekend loss as I had high hopes and a little money on the game. They looked like the most confused, trick play running, gimmicky offense and it’s only week one. Hang in there Browns fans its about to be another long ass season.

What was the shocking part of our day? The 3 of us cashed a case and didn’t feel as if anything had happened. We were barely buzzed, concerning? Sure was… Successful weekend nonetheless, cracked some good jokes and enjoyed the company of some visitors rolling in and out. Highlight of the Sunday grub: French Onion Dip, a very underrated option for snacking while watching a lil pigskin. Unhealthy as hell but shit is that stuff delicious and addicting. We also want you all to know, feel free to drop in and have a some cold pilsners with us if you’re bored. We always welcome good company and good jokes!

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