Chris Berman & Trent Dilfer Make Me Want To Mute The Channel

Every year we are forced to suffer through the annual duo of Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer announcing Monday Night Football. And every year it’s just as bad or worse than the year before. The two seem clueless as Berman struggles through the play-by-play commentary and Dilfer offers over the top analysis with made up words and phrases. Hell, Dilfer makes playing QB sound like rocket science. The year the Ravens won the Super Bowl Dilfer threw 12 Td’s and 11 Int’s on the season. Don’t get me wrong. Dilfer seems like a nice guy, but on the set he bothers me.

At one point last night Berman had this to say about a punt “That’s a long short punt right there”… Yeah, and I have a long short penis, Berman.  I’m just glad it’s over and we can move on. It’s like the NFL makes you take a yearly vaccine shot before the season so everyone else sounds better. Berman and Dilfer are that miserable dose and needle.

What a guy…

And this gem again from Dilfer


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