Mighty Ducks 2 – The Great Error

Last night I watched Mighty Ducks 2 for the millionth time. Again, one scene has me totally confused and frustrated. After the shootout shot the entire crowd pauses… Why do they pause? Do they pause because they aren’t sure if the puck went in. Or do they pause because they are shocked by the save and holding back from bursting with excitement. See below…

I really just think the director sucked here. No crowd would hold a collective cheer like that and obviously she saved it or the puck would be in the back of the net. It’s not some magic trick. No puck, no goal. For dramatic appeal they left the crowd and viewer waiting in anticipation which was a total failure because it’s not possible. This huge error dropped the movie from an A to a B in my book.

It has bothered me for years.

PS: I’ve also never seen a shooter stop, setup, and rip a shot. They always take it to the net. Terrible again.

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