South Park Takes On Kaepernick

This will feel like an endorsement of South Park (Which it is) I’m just not getting paid shit for it but I love that show. In college my roommates and I would grab candy at the gas station every Wednesday and watch the episodes. It was a glorious time in my life.

It appears that South Park is going to take on the Kaepernick story in what is sure to be gold. As our society becomes softer and softer South Park brings it harder and harder. They must love the state of our country…excellent writing material for a nation of blow hards and soft asses. God damn Millennials.

Also – as for Kap. It’s good to see he is in fact giving money back. However, I really don’t think the others joining him have a clue. It comes off as disingenuous and self absorbed. First to the “market” is key and the others seem eager to get a headline about themselves at this point.

The whole protest thing feels like this…

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