Fall Cleaning

I know everyone typically does “Spring Cleaning” but Ted and I have been doing a bit of “Fall Cleaning” which all it really entails is getting rid of old clothes. We’re coming into Fall wanting to look fresh as hell which took a little soul searching this past week as we went through our old clothes and ditched the old threads. There’s been shit in our closets that we haven’t worn in a decade. Did we have some sort of attachment to these items? Hell no! Pure laziness I’m guessing. Ted flat out threw some underwear in the trash at lunch… “I’m never wearing these again”

Styles and tastes change, I had 6-7 of the same damn shirt that were all in different colors but what the hell was I thinking? Took those babies into Platos Closet for some cash, 75 bucks worth but it was $75 I didn’t have before from the clothes that weren’t seeing the light of day. Time for you all to do the same, clean that shit out and move on to the next one. You don’t need much, just make sure the shit fits and it’s something you’re going to enjoy because there’s no point in buying things you’re not going to wear.

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