Teds Life Pro Tip – A Clean Kitchen & Clean Dishes

Dishes are a pain in the ass. We all know that. One way to clean the mess is by cutting down on the amount of dishes you have. If you have 4 roommates there should be 4 cups, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, and 4 forks. No more than the bare minimum. Each person gets one of each… Hell, label them or color coordinate them if you must.

How did I discover this genius method? In college we started throwing dishes away after they sat in the sink for too long. (Shit stuck to them like cement) After a few weeks of pitching things away we essentially had none left. The result: The dishes didn’t accumulate because they couldn’t and each person cleaned the only plate they had. It was amazing. The cleanest I ever lived.

So if you have kids, a family, roommates, or live alone, throw all the clutter away and stick to one of each for the people you live with. Personalized utensils also builds responsibility.

It’s basic supply and demand (I think). Just like beer pong, the worst thing you can do is have 15+ ping pong balls to start the night. Everyone ignores the ones that bounce off the table and by the end of the night you are left with two remaining. No respect for the other 13 laying around the room or under the couch because so many are easily accessible.

We only have one toothbrush. Why do we need 15 plates? #PitchTheDishes



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