Everybody’s working for the weekend!

There’s numerous people out there working for the weekend. Just putting in their time during the week to make an honest living. The hope is that you’re living it up on the weekends as the daily grind throughout the week is a pain in the ass. Well I just got volunteered to work next SATURDAY?! but Boss… Saturdays are for the BOYS! Looks like I’ll be sitting at a table collecting tickets for the fucking parade of homes rather than boozing watching football and it’s a hometown festival, Roche de Bouef and party at Ole Coyote’s crib. My ass just got real chapped…

Word of Advice, work for yourself. Find something that your passionate about like these 2 trying out for that last Chippendale’s dancing position, so that you don’t have to kiss strangers’ asses on the weekends.We’re going to change our stars at Cheeseknuckles HQ, you can bet your bottom dollar! The sun will come out tomorrow!


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