Kid Cudi – Kanye West Feud

Well, that escalated quickly…

Love these two guys as musicians man. Kanye really brought Cudi’s genius to life back in 2008, I think. The Kid from Cleveland is rumored to be the main ghostwriter behind Kanye’s groundbreaking album 808’s and Heartbreak. Shortly after that, Cudi was a mainstay on anything GOOD Music. Since then, Kanye has stayed steady, while Cudi has been on a consistent decline. Shame too, because his A Kid Named Cudi is probably one of my personal favorite mixtapes, alongside So Far Gone. Alright, I’m rambling. Recently, as in yesterday, Kid Cudi hit twitter with a flurry of angry, angry posts…Clearly, his relationship with Kanye has soured, cuz Kanye had a furious response.

How it unfolded…

He ended it here…

And Kanye’s response. He angry too..

Shame really…But hopefully this means Kid Cudi is going to come with something real strong musically soon.

G-Spot out.

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