UCLA Roommate Sends A List Of Demands Before Semester Begins & I Love Her

I included a transcript below if you are blind like Jameis Winston and can’t read this…


I applaud the hell out of this chick. Just like calling shotgun for the front seat of a long road trip, she beat them to the punch and laid out the rules. And yes, the top bed is a MUST. Sexually that roost sitting high above the room will come in handy. It’s difficult to bang down below and expect any sort of privacy. Besides, some top bunkers use the ceiling for leverage with their feet while plowing. (So I’ve been told) Again, makes total sense… I also love how she uses the word “taking” on more than one occasion. She isn’t even open for negotiation. It’s already hers.

And finally, the summary paragraph at the end is the best. As if the rest of her email didn’t accurately layout the plan, she reinforces her positions and also takes a moment to play the victim with. “That’s fair enough to ask considering I’m giving up the bottom bunk.”

God damn – This girl gets it. I hope they all have a great time in college. Man, they are so lucky. Enjoy those years.

The email broken down for anyone who might be blind:

“Okay so I’m not sure why neither of you responded back to my emails, but I don’t really care as long as you both know this and understand that I’m not going to settle for anything less than what I’m gonna tell you that I’m gonna get once I arrive in the dorm. I’ll take the top bunk. I DO NOT want the single bunk where it has a desk underneath the top bunk so don’t try to leave me that. I’m also taking one of the white closets. There should be two white closes and I’m taking one of them. I don’t care which one it is, just know I’m taking one of them.

“I want the desk that’s near the window. Plain and simple. I don’t care about who gets the bottom bunk but just know that what I stated above is what I’m expecting once I arrive at the dorm and I won’t be in the mood for any arguing or other nonsense because one of you two decided to deliberately disregard this email. IF needed be I’ll turn it into a bigger situation so don’t try me.

“Sorry but not that sorry for the attitude. I don’t like being ignored because that’s just rude but that’s what you both decided to do so I decided to make it clear now on the kind of person I am and what I will and will not take.

“So as a final reminder: I am getting the top bunk of the bunk bed with the bed on the bottom, I am getting one of the white closes and I’m getting the desk near the window. That’s fair enough to ask considering that I’m giving up fighting for the top bunk.”

The third roommate, identified as Guistinna Tun, wrote back a day later to Ashly saying that her and Winnie were more than willing to compromise on the living situation, but called her out on her sense of entitlement and listed other things that they didn’t appreciate in the seemingly rude email.

A week later, Ashly responded with another email that was less harsh than her first one.

Ashly explained that she liked that Tun stuck up for herself and didn’t mind starting over. She also explained her thoughts behind her initial email.

“I’m also really chill too, But as you can see from my previous email, I am like a ticking time bomb that sets off when things I don’t like happen to me.”




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