Ted and Stink to take up boxing?

We at the nest have been busting ass so far this season still grinding at the gym. Our workout routines have become a little redundant. Ted and J-Hoe’s little sister apparently joined a boxing gym and after watching you tube videos of kids killing it, training one another it looks like a good ass time and a great work out. For the most part boxers are incredibly ripped up which leads me to believe it’s time for us to join the wave.Ted is most likely this little kid in a boxing class though, screwing off behind the trainer:

I mean look at Michael B. Jordan in Creed, the dude is cut as hell. We’re looking for that next level of training. I know, I know his results are incredible and he worked hard as hell for this movie over months. But that could be us right?

Let’s get fucking shredded Fam!


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